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MIPS Launches New Corporate Brand At CES 2024

January 9, 2024
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Rebrand Reflects the Company’s Strategic Focus on Giving Customers the Freedom to Innovate Compute in the Automotive, Data Center and Embedded Markets.

SAN JOSE, CA – January 09, 2024 – MIPS, a leading developer of efficient and configurable compute cores, today announced its strategic rebrand that is being unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2024) January 9 – 12, 2024, representing the next chapter in the company’s evolution.

For more than two decades, MIPS has established a leading position with its deep technical expertise and intellectual property with billions of MIPS-based chips in many devices and systems around the world. Today, MIPS is building off of this experience with the unveiling of a new brand identity and positioning around the freedom to innovate compute, giving customers the ability to design and develop without constraints.

“The rebranding of MIPS comes at a pivotal time as compute architectures are rapidly evolving to meet the workload specific requirements in the automotive, data center and embedded markets in our AI, data-driven world,” said Sameer Wasson, CEO of MIPS. “Compute in an AI centric world needs to evolve to efficiently handle data movement and that’s where the MIPS RISC-V based cores excel. Our focus is helping our customers innovate and create systems which deliver the most efficient date movement, deterministic low latency and real-time processing.”

Core elements of MIPS’ new branding include:

  • Corporate Vision and Positioning:
    • Vision: Accelerate compute density in automotive, cloud and embedded markets.
    • Positioning: Freedom to Innovate Compute for heterogeneous systems, which can translate into breaking down system bottlenecks, enabling a faster open-source code migration to deployments and removing constraints or dependencies from single proprietary architectures.
  • Logo and Brand Identity: Representing the ethos of innovative progress and forward momentum, reflecting an agile, innovative, and transformative approach. The vanguard bird leads the way, breaks barriers and symbolizes MIPS’ cutting edge of technology. Its wings not only evoke movement and speed, but also signify the precise processing of data. Collectively, the logo symbolizes the unrestricted acceleration and the ability to overcome obstacles swiftly, while also emphasizing adaptability and innovation.
  • Efficient and Open: Exemplifying a commitment towards the open, industry-standard RISC-V architecture, MIPS cores and compute IP’s provide scalability, efficiency and the freedom to configure and customize to specific workloads.

For additional information about the new MIPS brand, please visit:

As part of its new brand unveiling, MIPS will have live demos showcasing real-time system deployments, as well as elements of the company’s new logo and rebranding prominently displayed in their private hospitality suite at the Venetian hotel. Additional activities include an executive meet-and-greet event on Wednesday, Jan. 10 from 10:15 a.m. – 11:15 a.m.

Company representatives, including members of the new MIPS’ executive leadership team, will be available to meet with journalists, analysts, customers and partners throughout the week. MIPS will also be on hand to meet with attendees and explore new partnership opportunities and promote the company’s active recruitment initiatives.

Those who wish to request a meeting can complete this form.

About MIPS
MIPS is accelerating compute density in the automotive, cloud and embedded markets. Giving customers the freedom to build unique products for specific workloads, MIPS’ industry-leading cores are configurable, efficient and easy to implement. Its multi-threading methodology delivers advanced scalability and the ability to efficiently move and process data faster. The company’s compute DNA spans more than two decades with billions of MIPS-based chips shipped to date. For more information, visit

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MIPS Launches New Corporate Brand At CES 2024

January 9, 2024
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