Data Center

Enhanced Data Flow and Control for Data Center

  • Scale-out solutions
  • Many threads of execution
  • Low-latency session control
  • Deterministic data processing

Simultaneous Multi-threading (SMT)

Take full advantage of silicon real estate with CPUs capable of handling multiple concurrent threads of execution for data movement and control.

Heterogenous Compute

Coherent heterogenous multi-core cluster with a mix of processors, I/O, and accelerators.

Tightly-coupled Memory

Deterministic level-1 data scratchpad RAM for real-time and low-latency applications.

Network Servers With Connections

DPU and SmartNIC

As machine learning is rapidly becoming a common part of data center operation, new types of devices are needed to offload the main compute resources. We’re seeing the emergence of data-processing unit (DPUs), smart NICs (network interface cards) and NAS (Network Attached Storage) to handle this operation, as well as more and more AI accelerators within compute elements themselves, and in the storage and networking segments of the data center.

MIPS provides scalable multiprocessors designed to support the transition of the data center to new types of computation such as machine learning acceleration. MIPS solutions offer scalable performance and heterogenous capabilities that enable each cluster of compute resources to include unique combinations of CPUs and AI accelerators. We also provide optimized data-movement solutions for efficient handling of large amounts of data.

Network Servers With Connections

Data Center DPU

DataCenter 2 02

Streaming Engine

DataCenter 3

Data Server Storage


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