MIPS' Technology is at the Heart of High-end Edge IoT and AI

  • Capable and efficient RISC-V CPUs enhanced with embedded specific features
  • Optimized for data movement – hardware multi-threading, cache coherency

Performance and Power Efficiency

Robust High Availability

Architected for Moving Data

Optimized for Low Latency

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Unlocking the Power of Edge AI through Efficient Data Movement

System designers and architects are struggling to achieve full throughput and efficiency out of systems. Performance is suffering due to advanced compute needs of AI, power constraints and memory, and input/output bottlenecks. With Edge AI systems, real time processing gets distributed and deterministic end-to-end system latency becomes more important to partially process data locally at the edge.

MIPS offers tailored solutions with tight integration of CPU and the overall SoC architecture, handling the data movement and memory balancing to predict and solve bottlenecks. Better integration translates into fewer bottlenecks and less data to move.

MIPS Cores are designed for simplicity and efficiency, enabling compact code sizes for edge applications, helping to optimize storage and enhance overall system performance, including deterministic latency across end to end systems. 

Multi-Threading: Cost and Power Advantages

MIPS provides multi-threading on the CPU core, bringing significant cost and power advantages in embedded cores, relative to burdening the specialized hardware with a need for instantiating additional cores. Overall throughput and compute requirements for the system can be handled with less overall processor resources.

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Holistic Solution Enables Edge AI Innovation

Our heritage of proven silicon, multi-threading capability, moving data, and efficiency deliver a holistic and comprehensive solution for tomorrow’s Edge AI applications.

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