Have what it takes to create the industry’s most innovative RISC-V designs?

We’re looking for the smartest software and hardware engineers to join our fast-growing global team in California, Dallas, and India.
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MIPS: Freedom to Innovate Compute

MIPS is well-known as a microprocessor pioneer, having led the way in RISC-based computing to enable faster and more power efficient semiconductors for a wide range of applications from consumer electronics to networking and communications. More than 30 years after the introduction of the original MIPS RISC architecture, MIPS processors have shipped into billions of consumer and enterprise products.

Today, MIPS is once again leading a RISC revolution as we build on our deep roots to accelerate the RISC-V architecture for high-performance applications. We are focused on delivering our first RISC-V products, which provide a new level of scalability for high-performance heterogeneous computing. Because of our RISC heritage, deep engineering expertise, and proven technologies, MIPS can accelerate development and deployment of RISC-V based solutions.

Make a Significant Contribution

Looking for an opportunity to build something truly meaningful?

Being a processor designer at some companies may feel a bit like an assembly line where team members are pigeonholed into prescribed roles, but at MIPS you will have an opportunity to grow your role and explore new directions. You’ll do this through real interactions with customers, as we partner to develop exciting new solutions.

You can play a significant role in creating future MIPS RISC-V products, working on the microarchitecture that will be a critical enabling technology for many applications, from AI accelerators in autonomous cars and other edge computing applications to power-efficient datacenters to next-generation communications networks that connect the world. By joining MIPS now, you’ll be at the beginning of a new phase of the company’s evolution, as we embrace RISC-V and build a strong company for the long term.

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Working at MIPS

At MIPS, you’ll be a member of a fast-growing team of technologists that are creating the industry’s highest performance RISC-V processors. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Small teams that are part of a non-compartmentalized structure – you’ll be able to understand and have an impact on the bigger picture.
  • A great deal of autonomy, with support from some of the industry’s most experienced CPU engineers.
  • An unlimited growth path – with the right skills, you can decide where you want to expand and grow in your role at MIPS.
  • The opportunity to learn a great deal about the blossoming RISC-V architecture in cutting edge applications with industry leading customers.

Current Job Openings

We’re looking for the smartest software and hardware engineers to join our fast-growing global teams in the United States and India. Find current openings below.

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