Enabling Tomorrow's Automotive Solutions

  • Enabling system-level safety-certified solutions (ASIL-B/D)
  • Powerful compute for multi-sensor, heterogenous processing
  • Application processor with AI/ML, GPU, MM coprocessors
  • Edge data packet and comms processing for networking and IoT

Scalable performance with Out-of-Order execution, simultaneous multi-thread, coherent multi-core

Real-time performance with in-order CPUs with deterministic latency

Functional safety-certified solutions for automotive

Security and virtualization

Modern car AI evaluating driving conditions and street elements

An Industry in Transition

The automotive industry is transitioning from mechanical systems comprised of many small controllers to complex electronic computing systems. The systems at the heart of these next-generation automobiles can have over 100 million lines of code – 10 times more than the most advanced flight jets.

This transition is accelerating, with more innovation in the past decade than we saw in the previous 50 years combined. This innovation is making cars more connected and more autonomous. It is also making them safer, with the majority of cars entering the road today equipped with ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems).

Empty cockpit of autonomous car, HUD(Head Up Display) and digital speedometer. self driving vehicle.

Automotive HPC

Modern car AI evaluating driving conditions and street elements

Zonal, Network

generic electric car with battery visible x ray charging at public charger in city parking lot 3d render


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