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Eliminate System Inefficiency — Accelerate Time to Profitability

More Insight

Our enhanced hardware insights enable software to run more efficiently — without extra effort or guessing.

Better Performance

Software that is tuned for hardware completes tasks faster with high utilization levels — leaving more time for devices to operate in low power modes.

Less Power

Low power is critical for today’s applications. MIPS IP Cores enable low-power products that improve the user experience and lower the total cost of ownership.

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Jumpstart Software Development

In today’s rapidly evolving technology landscape, software development has become increasingly complex. As software systems grow in scale and in function, managing this complexity is a significant challenge for development teams.

At MIPS, we help jumpstart software development and make the process easier and efficient meeting developers in their preferred environment.

We adopt an approach known as shift left development, which involves prioritizing software development efforts earlier in the hardware lifecycle with a focus on identifying and addressing issues as early as possible.

We also improve efficiency with cloud-based continuous integration, continuous testing, and continuous deployment (CI/CT/CD) workflows. By automating the build, test and deployment process in a cloud environment, you can streamline development, accelerate the release of updates, and ensure timely delivery of quality software.

Detailed Understanding of the System

Don’t let performance challenges hold you back. We embrace the power of performance models, advanced tracing blocks, and performance assistant tools to unlock the full potential of software running on systems with MIPS IP Cores.

Our performance models deliver valuable insights into the intricacies of system behavior, enabling developers to make decisions that improve performance and streamline the integration process. Advanced tracing techniques offer unparalleled visibility into the complex dynamics of modern microarchitectures, with fine-grained controls to zero in on performance-critical areas of the system to achieve peak performance. From simple run control debug and cross-triggering to advanced multicore trace solutions, all are pre-integrated and verified together with MIPS RISC-V IP Cores in a single deliverable.

And lastly, our performance assistant tools identify design patterns that impact performance. By analyzing code with a performance-centric view, the performance assistant can identify potential bottlenecks and inefficiencies, and recommend areas for improvement.

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Exploiting Hardware Capabilities

Leveraging the hardware capabilities is paramount to achieving optimal software performance. By harnessing MIPS IP Cores unique multi-threading capabilities, real-time handling of I/O operations is available as multiple threads execute concurrently, delivering speed and efficiency.

Additionally, detecting, trapping, and mitigating vulnerabilities in software prevents malicious actors from compromising system integrity. Privilege separation enables safe and secure software execution.

Putting all these pieces together powers software developers with feedback-directed optimizations that improve software performance and reduce the time required to reach deployment at scale.

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RISC-V Processor Offerings

P8700 Series

  • 4-wide Out-of-order
  • 2-way Simultaneous Multi-threading
  • Up to 8 Cores per Cluster
  • Automotive Capable ASIL-B

I8500 Series

  • Triple-issue In-order
  • Up to 4-way Simultaneous Multi-threading
  • Up to 8 Cores per Cluster
  • Automotive Capable ASIL-B

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