Artificial Intelligence

Building Blocks for GenAI

We tailor architecture to application for increased performance, power and cost efficiency.


  • Compute solution that is optimized for Data Movement
  • Using MIPS Multi-threading a Low Latency Coherence Architecture, data movement energy efficiency improves by 20-30%
  • Scalar compute backbone for GP-GPUs,
    near- memory compute, Programmable Multiheaded CXL Memory Architectures


  • Application specific compute vs. General Purpose compute enables solutions which scale to meet modern compute needs
  • MIPS Application Processing Units can scale from small SoCs for real time data processing, Chiplets to larger Scale-Out designs
  • Application specific extensions reduce complexity and cost in Automotive and Embedded solutions

APU: Processing for AI Application Workload

Application Workload End-to-End

Data Collection


Compute for Training


Compute for Inferencing

Application Optimization, AI

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APU graphic

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