Scalable performance for today’s high-end applications
Highly scalable RISC processor IP from MIPS is ideal for high-end automotive, computing and communications applications. MIPS’ solutions are uniquely configurable, enabling semiconductor companies to hit exacting performance and power requirements and differentiate their devices.

MIPS RISC-V CPUs: The Future of Compute

MIPS is raising the bar for RISC-V CPUs with our new eVocore product line, designed to extend MIPS’ leadership in high-performance, real-time compute applications such as networking, datacenter and autonomous driving.

RISC-V Products

MIPS ISA: A Heritage of Innovation

Products based on the MIPS instruction set architecture (ISA) are proven and shipping in billions of products. Low-power, high-performance 32- and 64-bit processor MIPS IP cores range from high-end mobile applications processors to extremely small cores for deeply embedded microcontrollers. Learn about our licensable architectures and cores built over 35 years of innovation.

MIPS ISA Products

The way for the next 50 years of computing design and innovation

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