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Our new logo says it all, embodying a dynamic bird that symbolizes freedom and forward-thinking.

Where speed and precise processing of data meet flexibility in an unprecedented union to achieve unrestricted progress and innovation.

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Imagine building unique products customized for specific workloads that not only keep pace with your demands but surge ahead, propelling you into a new realm of enhanced efficiency in this AI, data-driven world.

Experience efficient data movement, real-time responsiveness and low latency across different types of heterogeneous computing elements including CPUs, DPUs, GPUs, and custom accelerators.

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Say goodbye to being locked into a closed architecture with no flexibility for customization.

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Glowing computer chip with multiple colors

The Freedom to Design with MIPS RISC-V Cores

Unique technologies in our cores such as four-way multi-threading lead to better scalability and efficiency, simultaneous processing and enhanced configurability.

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Our cores give you the freedom to seamlessly accelerate and expand computing power at higher density, assuring optimal performance and resource utilization.

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Whether you prioritize efficiency, speed, power or all of these, our approach offers optimized ways to enable complex computations faster within your design’s specific power and capacity constraints.

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Our compute platforms are based on the open standard RISC-V architecture and give you the flexibility and freedom to configure and customize.

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MIPS has a long history of delivering silicon-proven solutions, with an architecture designed into billions of chips to-date across markets including automotive, data center, embedded, and more. Get in touch with the new MIPS.

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  • More efficient parallel processing of sensor traffic for ADAS and autonomous systems: optimizing resource utilization, and delivering real-time responsiveness, enhancing overall system performance and adaptability.
  • Safety certified: MIPS multi-core, multi-thread architecture enhances safety in ADAS and autonomous systems by isolating tasks by each thread through fault tolerance and delivers real-time responsiveness for safety-critical functions.

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Cloud Data Centers

  • Power efficient and scalable: delivering high performance compute within the power and capacity constraints of today’s data centers with coherent multi- to many-core architecture.
  • Our multi-threading architecture enables faster data movement between and within heterogeneous computing elements like multiple CPUs, GPUs, DPUs, AI, and storage solutions.

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  • Designed for simplicity and efficiency: enabling compact code sizes for edge applications, helping to optimize storage and enhance overall system performance.
  • MIPS Compute Cores can be easily and coherently integrated alongside other processors, accelerators and compute subsystems while allowing customization for unique requirements of embedded applications.


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