I8500 Series

Efficient Throughput

  • Efficient data-centric processing with simultaneous multi-threading (SMT), low latency and deterministic data access
  • 3-Wide, 9-stage, in-order pipeline with 1-, 2-, 4-way SMT
  • RISC-V Compliant ISA
    • RV64GHZ + Bitmanip Zba and Zbb, + CMO Extension
    • MIPS User-Defined Instructions (UDI)—Cache and TLB management, Performance enhancements and DVM (Distributed Virtual Memory) support 
  • Optional 64KB Data ScratchPad RAM (DSPRAM) for real-time, low-latency applications

Coherence Manager

  • Support for up to 8 coherent initiators comprising of either MIPS RISC-V Processors or 3rd party accelerators
  • Cluster Level-2 Cache L2$ up to 8MB
    • HW pre-fetch, widened busses, reduced latency
  • System interface:
    • ACE or AXI: 256-bit system bus
    • Optional: Non-coherent periphery bus (up to 4 ports)
8500 03

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