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MIPS Launches New Strategic Focus and ReBrand: The Freedom to Innovate Compute

January 9, 2024
MIPS rebrand 02

By Sameer Wasson, CEO

Today is an exciting day at MIPS as we launch a rebrand and strategic focus on giving our customers the Freedom to Innovate Compute.

For years, when customers have needed more processing power and compute density, we’ve always gone back to the evolution of process nodes. Every few years, a new process node comes along and we’ve been able to increase clock speed and decrease power consumption. However, as Moore’s Law has started to slow down, those benefits are starting to plateau out. It’s now time that we go back to the basics of computer architecture and attack the problem differently, versus just relying on process nodes. And this lies at the core of what we are trying to do at MIPS. The industry is challenged with closed architectures and an inflexible approach, which is slowing down innovation. This is at the heart of why we are unveiling something very different.

At MIPS, we are giving our customers the freedom to innovate compute in the automotive, data center and embedded markets: the freedom to select an open architecture, break down system bottlenecks, and not be constrained by a single ISA. We are helping customers migrate their software code base with open source standards such as the RISC-V architecture. It’s all about doing things faster and more efficiently, but also unlocking new possibilities, solving complex compute problems, and pushing the boundaries of what’s next.

New Visual Identity Symbolizes Freedom and Forward Movement

Our new logo says it all. It embodies a dynamic bird which symbolizes freedom and forward thinking, bringing together speed and precise processing of data with flexibility to achieve unlimited progress and innovation. These elements collectively represent unrestricted acceleration and the ability to rapidly overcome obstacles, while also emphasizing adaptability. The logo encapsulates the ethos of progress and forward momentum, reflecting an agile, innovative, and transformative approach.

MIPS logo

MIPS Compute Cores: Freedom to Innovate, Customized for Specific Workloads

MIPS Compute and IP cores give our customers the opportunity to build unique products and systems, customized for specific workloads that not only keep pace with current demands, but also surge ahead in a new realm of enhanced efficiency in this AI data-driven world. At MIPS, as we work to increase compute density, we are going to focus on three fundamentals.

First, efficient data movement.

Second, real-time responsiveness.

And third, establishing low latency in systems with a variety of compute workloads.

This is just the beginning of what’s to come in delivering the freedom to innovate compute, working alongside our customers to meet specific requirements, translating to safer and software upgradable cars, more power-efficient data centers, and much more capable embedded systems.

You will be hearing about our products and our roadmaps very soon. The opportunity to innovate and to make a difference is huge. Compute architectures need to evolve to meet the modern challenges of power and efficiency for a range of workloads. MIPS is in a unique position to achieve this and help our customers create better products. Stay tuned and follow our journey as we drive compute innovation and develop the architecture needed for the next few decades.

MIPS Launches New Strategic Focus and ReBrand: The Freedom to Innovate Compute

January 9, 2024
MIPS rebrand 02

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