Beginner’s Guide to Programming the PIC32

Using the low cost Microchip Microstick II module with built in programmer and socketed PIC32MX250F128B Microcontroller and the free to download version of MPLAB XC32 Compiler, Kibalo takes you step by step through the fundamentals of programming the PIC32. His clear explanations of the inner workings make learning the PIC32 architecture easy. His code examples demonstrate how to perform the functions most applications require. The hardware is shown in simple breadboard setup so even a beginner can build along with very few extra components needed. The projects include: Driving LEDs Reading momentary switch Analog to Digital Conversion Driving an LCD display Timers and Timer Interrupts Optimizing Performance Serial RS232 communication SPI communication Pulse Width Modulation Controlling the PIC32 Real Time Clock and Calendar Peripheral Pin Select Running Arduino Style code on PIC32 Kibalo also shows you how to run the popular Arduino style code on a PIC32 platform. Using the Microstick II and his library of functions he described throughout the book, you’ll be running Arduino examples on the Microstick II in no time. This is the book you need if you want to understand how to get started with PIC32.