M-Class M62xx Processor Cores

The MIPS M6200/M6250 processor cores are ideal for microcontroller and embedded-type applications.

The M62xx cores are superset extensions of the MIPS microAptiv family, being the first M-Class processors to implement the latest MIPS Release 6 Architecture.

The M6200 and M6250 implement a 6-stage pipeline design and continue to support both MIPS32 and microMIPS ISAs.

These new processor cores continue the M-Class line-up in offering both a microcontroller (MCU) and microprocessor (MPU) versions within the same family:

The M62xx family includes the following processor cores:

MIPS M6200

The MIPS M6200 features an integrated 64-bit SRAM controller, a memory protection unit, and a real-time, low-latency execution unit, optimized for cost-efficient, low-power microcontroller and embedded applications.

MIPS M6250

The MIPS M6250 incorporates a high-performance instruction/data L1 cache controller and a Memory Management Unit (MMU), enabling execution of Linux and other rich operating systems for high performance embedded applications.


The M6200 and M6250 continue the evolution of the M-Class processors, offering improved performance and additional features from the microAptiv cores.
These cores provide a compelling solution for a wider range of applications requiring high operating frequency, increased memory throughout, data integrity support
in a low power, small area footprint including:

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Key features
  • 30% higher frequency of equivalent MIPS microAptiv implementations
  • 6 stage pipeline
    • Load/Store architecture with single cycle ALU operations
  • Dedicated DSP and SIMD module
    • Single cycle throughput multiply and MAC operations
    • Supports 32×32, 16×16, dual 16×16, dual 8×8, dual 8×16
    • Implements over 150 instructions, including 70 SIMD and 38 Multiply/MAC instructions
    • Supports up to 4 Accumulators
  • 32 General Purpose Registers
    • Up to 16 shadow register sets
  • M6200: Tightly coupled SRAM controller
    • Single cycle
    • 32-bit address, 64-bit data
    • Dual instruction and data interfaces
  • M6250: Programmable L1 instruction/data cache controller
    • Up to 64KB, 2 or 4-Way Set Associative
    • 64-byte cache line size
    • 64-bit instruction/data cache, accessible in same pipeline cycle
  • M6250: Optional Tightly Coupled Sratchpad RAM (SPRAM) controller
    • Up to 1MB instruction/data SPRAM
  • Data Integrity: Error Correction (ECC) and parity
    • ECC support on instruction and data memories: SPRAM, L1 cache and SPRAM
    • Single error correction and double error detection (SECDED)
    • Parity support on instruction and data
  • Up to 4GB Virtual Memory support – User, Kernel and Debug modes
  • M6200 Memory Management Unit (MMU)
    • Up to 16 region Memory Protection Unit with address, size and protection options
    • Fixed Memory Translation (FMT)
  • M6250 Memory Management Unit (MMU)
    • Instruction/Data Translation Lookaside Bufer (TLB)
    • 32/dual entry 16 fully associative Joint TLB (JTLB)
    • 4-entry Instruction TLB and 4-entry Data TLB
  • M6250: 40-bit eXtended Physical Addressing
  • MCU Application Specific Extension (MCU ASE)
    • Supports up to 255 interrupts from external interrupt controller
    • Separate priority and vector generation
    • Automated interrupt handling instructions
    • Supports tailchaining
    • Supports use of GPR shadow sets for reduced interrupt latency
  • Interrupt Control Unit (optional)
    • Supports up to 255 configurable interrupts
    • Supports interrupt source sensitivity (level-positive, level-negative, edge-positive, edge-negative, dual-edge-sensitive)
  • Debug Port
    • AMBA APB parallel debug port
    • Supports mixed-core debugging
  • MIPS Debug Hub (optional)
    • Supports connections to JTAG and/or APB compatible debug systems
    • Supports multi-core debugging
  • Debug and Trace profiling
    • Simple instruction/data breakpoint support – 4I/2D, 8I/4D
    • Complex  instruction/data breakpoint support – 8I/4D
    • Fast Debug Channel
    • Performance Counters and PC/Address Sampling profiling support
    • iFlowtrace Instruction Trace
  • Secure Debug
  • M6250: AMBA 3 AXI Bus Interface Unit
  • Power Management
    • Incorporates extensive fine-grain clock gating
    • Power Down modes  initiated by a register control or WAIT instruction
28HPM 12T SVt M6200 M6250
Freq (MHz) 750 750
Core Area (mm2) 0.19 0.23
Core Power (µW/MHz) 60 62

DSP enabled, 16-region Memory Protection Unit (M6200), 32 entry JTLB (M6250)
Frequency measured at slow corner, 0.81V, 0C, OCV, +/-5%, 25ps clock jitter
Core area is floorplanned, pre-shrunk
Core power measured at typical corner, 0.9V, 25C