A Heritage of Innovation

Products based on the MIPS instruction set architecture are proven and shipping in billions of products. Low-power, high-performance 32- and 64-bit MIPS processor IP cores and architectures power everything from extremely small, deeply embedded microcontrollers to high-performance networking and compute applications. Learn about our licensable architectures and cores built over 35 years of innovation.

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IP Cores

MIPS offers a comprehensive portfolio of low-power, high-performance 32- and 64-bit processor IP cores, ranging from high-end mobile applications processors to extremely small cores for deeply embedded microcontrollers.


Based on a heritage built over more than three decades of constant innovation, the MIPS architecture is the industry’s most efficient RISC architecture, delivering the best performance and lowest power consumption in a given silicon area.


MIPS offers a wide variety of resources that can help with your design. This is the starting point to see what resources are available.

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