MIPS CoreMark score certifications from EEMBC were achieved using CoreMark executables built by a gcc compiler version 4.9.x or higher. Mentor Sourcery CodeBench Lite toolchain was used in the certification process along with a gcc plug-in that added an optimization pass.

You can also use the MIPS supported Codescape toolchain to achieve similar results without the need of a gcc plug-in. To do this, simply go to and download/install a package that is suitable for the target ISA and host machine.

For more information on how we build the CoreMark benchmark, please refer to the CoreMark page at Once there, look for MIPS certified CoreMark scores. Each score comes with a full disclosure of information about the score submission such as the set of flags used in the compilation and other relevant information.

Note that “-fplugin=” is not needed when using Codescape toolchain.