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Freedom to Innovate Compute

MIPS is a compute IP company with more than two decades of experience. Breaking down the barriers of closed and in-flexible architectures, MIPS designs efficient and configurable compute cores for automotive, data center and embedded systems.

Vision: Accelerate compute density in the automotive, data center and embedded markets

Founded in 1984, MIPS-based chips can be found in billions of devices and systems around the world. Fast forward to today where the new compute era is marked by unprecedented technological advancements and growing demands of data-driven and AI-enabled systems. This is where traditional architectures are slowing down innovation as they struggle to meet high-performance and efficient high-density compute requirements.

MIPS is delivering a new approach that gives customers the freedom to innovate compute by enabling efficient data movement, real-time processing and low latency. This encompasses the freedom to select an open architecture, break down system bottlenecks, and not be forced to use a single ISA. MIPS solutions are based on open source industry standards such as the RISC-V architecture, enabling customers to innovate faster, more efficiently and push the boundaries of what’s achievable.


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