From digital TVs and set-top boxes, home gateways and network routers, to digital radio and connected audio plus an ever increasing number of smart home appliances, this market covers the wide range of products and technology we find in our homes.

The consumer electronics landscape continues to evolve, with innovation directed towards building fully connected, truly smart and autonomous devices: the dawn of ’Smart 2.0’.

Security of devices is becoming a key challenge in the increasingly connected world of consumer electronics. Devices are expected to become ever ‘smarter’, packing in more technology and wider connectivity, leading to increased software complexity and greater risk of compromise.

The SoCs inside these increasingly ‘smart’ home electronics must offer exceptional performance and be more highly integrated than ever, but also need to be delivered at the aggressive price points that this market demands.


MIPS IP Coresmillions of TVs, set-top boxes, and home gateways annually.

MIPS cores are proven to deliver top-of-the-line performance in nearly half the silicon area of other IP cores.

Hardware virtualization is now standard across MIPS IP cores from high-end down to the smallest CPUs for microcontrollers. With MIPS multi-domain heterogeneous security MIPS cores offer the outstanding security and performance essential for the next generation of home entertainment products.